Terms & Conditions

Greystar gives notice that all content on this website is set out only for the guidance of intending Purchasers or Lessees and does not constitute any part of an offer or contract. All information and statements set out on this website are given without any assumption of responsibility as to the accuracy of such information/statements and any intending Purchasers, Lessees and any other person should not and are not entitled to rely on them as statements or representations of fact, but must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of each of them. Greystar does not accept or owe any intending Purchasers or Lessees or any other person any duty of care in respect of the content of these particulars. No person in the employment of Greystar has any authority to make any representation or warranty whatsoever on this website.


Equality and Diversity Policy

We strive to treat each customer with dignity, integrity and without judging them. Greystar is committed to ensuring compliance with all local equality laws. Greystar subscribes to a universal policy for the achievement of equal opportunities and no person will be discriminated against because of race, colour, age, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other local laws protecting specific classes.


Booking Terms & Conditions

Application Screening

In proceeding with this application you give us express consent to use the details provided by you to undertake searches against sanction lists maintained by the Governments of the United Kingdom and United States and the Governments of other countries as we choose including those maintained by the United Kingdom Treasury and the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control. This will not affect your rights or our obligations to you under the Data Protection Act 1998.

You have the right to ask us not to undertake such searches but in doing so we will not be able to progress your application.

Required Payments at Time of Booking: Booking & Security Deposit

Payment of the Booking and Deposit fee constitutes your acceptance that this is retained by us as a holding deposit to secure your room. At the point when your tenancy commences – the Commencement Date – Your payment will be deemed a Security Deposit and will then be protected by us within 30 days of the Commencement Date through registration with a Government approved Tenancy Deposit Service of our choosing. We will provide you with an appropriate certificate to that effect.

Debit / Credit Card Surcharge Fees

There will be no surcharge for payments made using a Debit Card. Payments made using a Credit Card will be subject to a 2% surcharge on the total amount of the payment.

Your Contract

By making a payment to us you are entering into a Tenancy Agreement with Prodigy Living® and you will be bound by the conditions of that Tenancy Agreement which is governed and which will be administered under English Law. You may cancel your Tenancy Agreement with us subject to the Cancellation provisions detailed below. You will have the opportunity to read the terms and conditions applicable to the Tenancy Agreement before you signify your acceptance of them. If you do not understand the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement you are encouraged to seek appropriate advice before accepting them.


What if I want to cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking with us subject to the cancellation policy detailed below.

Cancellations before you move in

Before 1st August 2017

Once you book a room with us you have 7 days to accept your tenancy online – this 7 day period is known as the ‘Decision Making Period’

  1. If you accept within the 7 day decision making period: your booking is complete and your tenancy valid (the rest of the 7 days do not apply).
  2. If you don’t accept within the 7 day decision making period: after the 7 days your offer will be cancelled on our system and the room will become available for someone else to book. 
  3. If you want to cancel after accepting your tenancy but before 1st August: you can, but must pay a Cancellation Fee equal to the value of the deposit. You will not be liable for the tenancy agreement.  

On or after 1st August 2017 (including if you book on or after the tenancy start date)

If you want to cancel your booking on or after the 1st August, you will remain liable for the contractual obligations of the Tenancy Agreement unless you provide proof that:

  1. Your UK Visa application has been denied,
  2. Extenuating circumstances as per our Early Leave policy, e.g. ill-health, family circumstances,
  3. You have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your University of choice.

Where proof is provided within the timescale specified below, the cancellation will be granted and you will no longer be liable for your contract.

Where the reason for cancellation cannot be provided, you will remain liable for the contract until a replacement tenant is found. You are responsible for finding an eligible replacement tenant, although our teams will assist where possible. If a replacement tenant is found, you will be released from your Tenancy Agreement and any overpaid rent paid will be refunded to you. 

Any decision made to release a customer outside of these criteria is made by the local/ regional management team, at their discretion on an individual case by case basis.

What should I do if I have failed to get into my first choice University and need to cancel my booking?

If you fail to gain the required grades and are not accepted into the University you stated as your first choice, we will cancel your Tenancy Agreement and refund your deposit and rent payment as long as you provide the following information within 72 hours of your results being published:

  1. Written confirmation from you that you wish to cancel your booking due to having failed to obtain the required grades for your first choice University.
  2. Supporting official evidence from the University or UCAS

Your deposit and rent payments will be returned in full within four weeks.

Please note, if you are attending another University in a city where Prodigy Living is present, our team will support you with finding accommodation at one of these.  If we are able to accommodate you in one of our other communities, your deposit will simply be transferred to your new booking.

What should I do if I am declined a UK Visa?

If you fail to obtain a UK Visa, we will cancel your Tenancy Agreement and refund your rent payment so long as you provide the following information:

  1. Written confirmation from you that you wish to cancel your booking
  2. Supporting official evidence to show that the Visa was declined

This information must be provided to us as soon possible. Your rent payment will be returned in full within four weeks, however your deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee. 

What should I do if I can no longer move in due to extenuating circumstances?

If you are no longer able to attend University and/or live away from home due to extenuating circumstances, such as ill health or family issues, please speak to a member of staff at the earliest possibility.

What if I want to swap to another room?

You can change your choice of room up until the 1st August 2017.

After this date you will not be able to downgrade your room type, but can upgrade your room, or move to a different room which is in the same type as your original choice (subject to room availability).

What if I want to change my tenancy length?

If you want to change your tenancy length to one of the other options available, you can do so without restriction and without charge up until the 1st August 2017.

After this date, you will be unable to shorten your tenancy length, but can still choose to extend it without charge up until the contract start date.

Cancellations after you have moved in

After taking up occupation of your room, you will remain liable for the full contract unless a replacement tenant is found for your accommodation. You are responsible for finding an eligible replacement tenancy, although our team will assist where possible.

  • If a replacement tenancy is found, we will release you from your tenancy agreement at the start date of the replacement tenancy agreement. A £150 administration fee is applicable which will be recovered by retaining all or part of your deposit and/or rent.
  • An administration fee of £50 is payable if you move rooms within the same tenancy period but a new Tenancy Agreement with Prodigy Living has to be generated.
  • An administration fee of £50 is payble if you wish to swap your Tenancy Agreement to one with a longer tenancy length. You can make this change up until the 31st December. After this date, if you decide you wish to say over the summer period, we may still be able to accommodate your needs. Please speak with House teams to find out more.

Rent Payment Due Dates

Your first instalment of rent will be due prior to the start of your Tenancy Agreement; we’ve included a full schedule of your instalments in your Tenancy Letter.

Room Moves

Room moves after the start of the Tenancy Agreement will be managed based on availability. An administration fee will be required.

Tenancy Agreement

You will receive a copy of your Tenancy Agreement, including your Tenancy Letter and Terms & Conditions for review and acceptance via the Resident Portal.