Top 10 tips to smash your January revision

10 January 2017

January can be a busy time of year, with either exams or coursework deadlines taking up the month. We’ve put together some top tips to help you with your last minute revision and to help you make the most of studying.


1) Get organised! Create a checklist of all the topics that could come up so you can ensure you have revised for each one and make sure your notes are in a clear order.


2) Don’t be too rigid with your revision timetable. If you go off schedule don’t class it as a write off, do what you can for that day and pick the schedule back up tomorrow.


3) If you have the time it can be helpful to rewrite some of your most important notes. This can help you absorb the information better, especially if you wrote them down quickly during a seminar or lecture.


4) One of the more difficult techniques is to talk through what you’ve learnt. Group revision can often be a recipe for disaster with procrastination often creeping in. Make sure to get a group of friends together that are taking the same exam, ensure you are all in the right mind set with no distractions and crack on. This is one of the most enjoyable ways to revise, with discussions allowing you to talk through the more complex ideas as well as being able to quiz each other.


5) If you can get your hands on past papers it makes for great revision! If you give yourself enough time your lecturer/teacher might even look over it for you and give you some pointers.


6) Make sure you take regular breaks. It is scientifically proven that your brain will remember more if you give it time to digest what you’ve been studying. Make sure you take time in the evening to do something completely irrelevant to your revision, you deserve it and your brain will thank you!


7) Maintain a healthy lifestyle! It sounds cliché but there are so many great benefits to exercise and eating well during exam time. Exercise encourages oxygen to reach the brain which helps it work more efficiently, if you find your short for time even just walking to the library instead of getting the bus will help. For food make sure you pack your bag full of fruit and try and include fish and vegetables in your dinner.


8) Stick revision notes anywhere you may spend time. Have a think about where you often spend time day dreaming and stick some helpful revision notes there, maybe in the kitchen, bathroom or on the mirror.


9) Invest in some good stationary. Get in to the right revision mind set by going on a little shopping trip and buy a nice notebook, revision cards, pens, highlighters and anything else you will need. This should put you in a positive mind set and hopefully get you excited to start working. You also won’t get into ‘the zone’ before realising you’re missing revision cards and have to break the rhythm to go to the shops.


10) Do what works for you! Revision is all about trial and error, if all the tips above don’t work for you that doesn’t mean revision will be unsuccessful. There are so many different methods and techniques out there so make sure to keep your eyes out for new tips and maybe pass the ones that don’t work on to friends as it may help them.