Petrifying Party Pumpkins

24 October 2016

If you could only associate one word with Halloween it would have to be PUMPKINS! They are the quintessential Halloween decoration that no celebration would be complete without.

So get a few of your friends together and have a carving competition, we’ve found some great stencils and tutorials to help you make the best one out of the bunch…

Everyone loves Disney! So take some inspiration from your favourite animation and print off one of these stencils to help you create the most artistic jack-o’-lantern.

Our favourites got to be Olaf, and what better way to get excited for Christmas at the same time.


Disney Pumpkin Carving Templates

Or if you would rather go for a more classic pattern, why not use one of these stencils. There’s loads of great ideas from a haunted house to a cat or Frankenstein and classic scary pumpkin faces. 

If you want to give free-hand pumpkin carving a go then you can either draw your own stencil onto the pumpkin or follow one of these super easy YouTube tutorials.

Just remember candles aren’t allowed in our properties so why not get an electrical candle instead, these can often be found in pound shops.

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