5 DIY Gifts for Christmas

15 December 2016

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for students, but with these 5 easy DIY gifts you’ll be sure to make someone special very happy this Christmas. These presents are quick and easy to make, and there really isn’t anything better than putting some creativity and personalisation into a gift to really make it special.


1. Compliment jar - approximately £4-8

This super easy present is ideal for anyone who could do with a pick me up this Christmas.

Step 1. Purchase a jar of your choosing – you can get a great, cheap selection from IKEA 

Step 2. Get some nice thick paper in whatever colour you like – you can get some quite easily from any good stationary or bookshop for as little as £1

Step 3. Cut out a label shape from the card and hole punch the end of it to make a label. Write your Christmas message. How about “A compliment a day to keep the blues at bay”?

Step 4. Buy some ribbon or brown string and wrap it around the neck of the jar, thread the label and add a bow to finish

Step 5. Use the remaining paper to fill the jar with compliments or achievements of your gift receiver and brighten up their Christmas



 Image from: iQ Staff

2. Scrabble picture frame - approximately £12-15

This is a great personalised gift that can be easily made without costing a fortune. You can buy these ready made for triple what it would cost to do it yourself.

Step 1. Get a scrabble kit. Unless you have a scrabble kit you no longer want, sourcing the scrabble kit from a charity shop can be tricky as they are often scooped up quickly and buying them from new can cost quite a bit. You can try and get the letters on eBay if you can’t find a set in a charity shop

Step 2. Get a picture frame of your choosing, try to get one that has a deep frame so it will fit the height of the scrabble pieces. Again you can get these from a charity shop or cheaply online

Step 3. Arrange the scrabble letters in the messaging you like. You could arrange their name and your name together, or maybe a list of their favourite things?

Step 4. Get some white card and cut it to fit in the frame

Step 5. Once you have the messaging in the layout you want, stick the letters down using a glue gun (if you have one) or super glue onto the card. Be careful with this, you’ll need to do it neatly for it to look good

Step 6. Place the card into the frame and Hey Presto! A beautiful personalised gift


 Scrabble Picture Frame

 Image from: DIY Projects

3. Memory scrapbook - approximately £8 - 10

Step 1. Buy a scrapbook. You can get beautiful scrapbooks from Hobbycraft for as little as £4, or cheaper if you want to get a plain one and decorate the cover yourself

Step 2. Get onto Facebook or Instagram and print your favourite pictures of the two of you. You can either buy some good quality photo paper for your own printer, or you can print them through websites like PhotoBox relatively cheaply. If it’s for a family member, see if anyone else in your family has old pictures of them that they’re willing to part with. If you’re the type to keep trinkets and memorable things like tickets, collect these for the book too

Step 3. Think about the layout of the book before you start sticking anything down as you could end up making it a bit messy. Print out some nice quotes too, or if you have nice handwriting write them down using a calligraphy pen


 Memory Scrapbook

 Image from: Instagram @mydocumentdlife


4. Mug o' sweets - approximately £10 -12

This great little present is easy to make and requires minimal effort. It's perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

Step 1. Buy a pretty mug. You can get these nearly everywhere so hunt around for one you think your friend would like. You can buy a plain one and personalise it if you like – here’s a great blog teaching you how

Step 2. Buy some nice mesh fabric like this one from Hobbycraft, some tissue paper to match and some ribbon

Step 3. Buy their favourite sweets. Smaller, individually wrapped ones work best for this present, you need just enough to fit in the mug

Step 4. Cut the fabric and the mesh into large squares of similar sizes, the size will depend on the size of the mug but around 30x30cm should be plenty

Step 5. Place the fabric down first and then the tissue paper at a different angle. Place the sweets in the middle of the square and gather the fabric into a little parcel. Use a rubber band to secure and then wrap the ribbon around the neck of the parcel. You’ll want enough fabric at the top to make it look like a pretty flower. If there’s too much fabric just snip the top off carefully.

Step 6. Place the parcel into your mug for a perfect stocking filler.



 Image from: www.tasteofhome.com


5. Personalised bauble - approximately £2 per bauble

You can create a number of these to look like an expensive gift for your favourite people, but luckily for you they are cheap and easy to make!

Step 1. Buy some clear glass baubles. You can buy sets of 12 on Amazon for just £12.99 and gift 1 each to your 12 closest friends

Step 2. Buy some glitter! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without glitter, and you can buy 8 little glass jars of different coloured glitter for only a £1 here and then keep the jars for other DIY projects

Step 3. Buy some nice thin ribbon or coloured string. You can get some different coloured ones to match the colour glitter you use. We like these festive ones from Hobbycraft

Step 4. Buy some stickers. There’s a huge range of stickers on Etsy, that you could use to write the recipient’s name or initials

Step 5. Put it together! Carefully take the top off of the bauble and pour in your choice of glitter. Place the top back on and thread through your chosen ribbon and tie together with a pretty bow – you’ll need it to be long enough to hang on a tree. Then stick on your chosen stickers in whichever way you want just make sure it’s facing out so everyone can see it when it’s hanging on the tree

If you’d like to make this gift really special you could buy individual gift boxes to place each one in and some tissue paper to wrap the bauble and keep it safe until Christmas.


 Personalized Bauble

  Image from: DIY Projects